Yacht Charter Guide

First-Time Yacht Charterers Need to Know

Renting A Yacht - What You Need to Know

New To Yacht Chartering? This article shows first-time yacht charterer the benefits of renting a yacht. In the industry it's called a yacht charter or a luxury boat charter

Renting a yacht charter for your vacation is a perfect fit for travelers with a sense of adventure and an interest in cruising on private boats or yachts. Many who charter a luxury yacht for vacation already have some familiarity with boating or sailing; for others a yacht vacation may be a first-time experience.

Rest assured, no experience is required. Yacht chartering is for everybody.

A luxury yacht vacation is great for families with children of all ages, extended families, groups of friends and even for a romantic honeymoon or getaway just for one couple. A yacht charter vacation can also be an ideal vacation for three, four or five active couples who enjoy each other's company and want to explore these wonderful destinations together.

How Much Does A Yacht Charter Cost?

What are the costs? A yacht vacation is definitely high-end, with prices ranging from $200 or $300 per person daily, including meals, to as high as $25,000 per person.

Even though there are private yacht charter vacations available in most of the beautiful bodies of water in the world, yacht charters still haven't attained mainstream popularity. It may not be a vacation that a lot of people have experienced, but once you do you will be hooked.

Yacht charter travel is for you, if you enjoy the beauty and serenity of deep blue and turquoise waters, traveling to places you can only reach by boat, and experiencing the wonder of the sea and nature at a whole new level.

No Other Vacation Compares To a Yacht Vacation

A Yacht charter vacation is very unique because only a yacht can take you to exclusive private beaches and secluded coves, breathtaking destinations at a pace that makes YOU happy.

Yacht chartering offers an experience of a lifetime, you'll enjoy:

  • Gourmet delicacies prepared by your own private Chef
  • Incomparable service tailored to your needs
  • Star filled nights on the Ocean
  • Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets
  • Island rhythms
  • Diving, fishing and water sports galore
  • and more...

Throughout your yacht charter vacation you will wonder, "Is this real or is it a dream?" Pinch yourself, it's real. Especially when you're there with that special person, your family, or just in paradise being treated like a king.

The moments you'll experience will become unforgettable memories.

The warmth of the sun and a fresh island breeze. The deep blue oceans and colorful coral reefs offer a glorious escape from the hustle and bustle. It's worth it. Imagine, watersports, fishing, scuba diving, the peace and quiet, and fun for the whole family and every ages...

Stop wishing you were there... take action. You deserve it because you work hard and there's no better time than now to treat yourself to the yacht vacation you deserve.

The Finest Yacht Charter Vacation Destinations

A yacht charter can take you to beautiful exclusive destinations around the world. But planning the details of your yacht vacation may seem daunting. Where do you start?

As a personal yacht charter specialist we will discuss what you'd like to experience, your personal preferences and unique wants.

We'll make suggestions about the type, style and size yacht that may suit you best and will offer personal recommendations about the various yachts and crews who can deliver the experience you desire.

We'll provide you with a custom itinerary that is based on your personal preferences. And you make all the final decisions. We do all the hard work for you - it's your yacht vacation after all!

The charter vacation destination choices are endless, just to name of few: The Bahamas Islands, The Caribbean, The Mediterrean, Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Florida Keys, and the Pacific and Indian Ocean yacht vacation areas.

What's Your Choice of Yacht for Your Yacht Charter?

Your choices range from luxury mega yachts, luxury motor yachts, sport yachts, sailing yachts, and catamarans.

Mega Yachts

A Mega yacht is your best choice if you desire to be treated like royalty. They can accommodating up to twelve guests. A classic restored yacht offers enjoyment of its history and ambiance. Some of the worlds finest sleek superyachts offer luxury contemporary beauty and take luxury yacht chartering to awhole new level. We assure you that you will enjoy state-of-the-art creature comforts and five star service.

Luxury MotorYachts

Luxury motoryachts come in about as many shapes and sizes as there are people who like to charter. Accommodating from two to ten guests, a luxury motoryacht is by far one of the most magnificent and versatile yacht vacation experiences. We will coordinate the crewed luxury yacht experience to match your palette and your wallet.

Sailing Yachts and Catamaran Charters

Whether you prefer one hull or two, to be pampered by a professional crew or you prefer the more adventurous bareboat charter experience, we will help you arrange the sailing vacation of your dreams. Leave the details to us. All you need to remember are the lyrics to your favorite Jimmy Buffet tune....

You might be facing a cold winter, want to escape to where it's always summer. Wishing you were there? Take action to plan your well deserved yachting vacation today.

If your party is large you can opt for private cruise ships or specialty event charter.

Private cruise ships are ideal for corporate team building, family reunions or any group celebration. They accommodate from 18 to 110 guests. These ships are complete with swimming pools, movie theaters, a full array of water sports and spa facilities... and of course fine cuisine and service.

Specialty event yachts are great for corporate and private parties, weddings, birthdays or any celebration that you would like to leave lasting memories ... Whether it's a group of 15 or 400 we can arrange the private yacht event for you. These offer custom catering and choices of onboard entertainment. MGM Yachts will create the unforgettable event you are looking for.

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