Yacht Charter Guide

Want to Rent a Luxury Yacht? How to Get Started in 6 Steps

Thinking of renting a luxury private yacht charter for your vacation, but don’t know how to get started?

Finding the perfect private yacht rental for your getaway can be overwhelming. This is why we penned down some of the steps to take in the process of renting a private yacht charter to make it easier for you.

Private luxury yacht rentals are excellent for:

  • Family vacations with children of all ages.

Luxury yacht charters are perfect for transgenerational family travel since they offer a high level of service and activities well-suited to all ages. More about family yacht charters here.

  • Groups of friends whether singles and/or couples who enjoy traveling together.
  • Celebrating special occassions such as, birthdays, anniversaries and honeymoons.
  • Rewarding and/or recognizing your staff, top producers or executives on your team.

At any point in the planning process of renting a luxury yacht, the easiest thing to do of course, is just to contact us directly and let us take care of everything. Your only part is to inform us how many guests will be traveling with you, and the dates of your vacation. We’ll discuss your needs and preferences, the cruising areas that are most well suited to you, and your budget for the trip. Then we’ll put together the best options for your consideration, complete with photos of the yachts that match your needs best, their equipment and crew profiles and sample itineraries (check out this Bahamas Yacht Charter Itinerary). This will give you a glimpse of what your private yacht rental vacation will be like.

Let’s get started…

6 steps to Reserve a Luxury Private Yacht Vacation

More than likely you are looking for a tropical location with turquoise ocean waters and pristine private beaches. There’s no shortage of beautiful tropical private yacht destinations to choose from with many varied cultures and experiences for all ages.

Some of the more popular tropical yacht charter cruising areas are the Caribbean, the Bahamas Islands, the South Pacific, the Meditereanean; including Greece, Turkey, South of France, the Italian Coast, the Spanish Balearics, and in the Indian Ocean you can cruise the Seychelles and the Maldives.

The most popular private yacht charter destinations near the United States are the Bahama Islands, the Caribbean Islands: including the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Spanish Virgin Islands, the Leeward Islands, and the Windward Islands as well as the South Florida Coast and the Florida Keys.

For a private yacht rental charter to the Florida Keys or the western Bahamas; such as Bimini or Freeport, you can start your charter in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. For other cruising areas, you’ll need to fly to your yachting destination. Airfares are a factor you should consider when choosing your charter destination, especially if you have a budget in mind. Time of year and weather patterns should also be a primary consideration.

Too many choices for you? Just contact us directly and we’ll provide you with all the necessary information to help you choose the perfect place for your next yacht charter getaway!

The type of group you will be traveling with, the kinds of experiences you’d like to have, your level of boating experience and your budget are all key factors to consider when selecting the right type of yacht charter rental.

There are two main choices you need to make.

2.1. Type of vessel:

Choose between a luxury sailing yacht, a catamaran or a power yacht (from large mega yachts to smaller luxury yachts), or sport yachts.

2.2. Type of charter experience:

  1. Fully crewed luxury charter
  2. Captain only charter
  3. Bareboat charter (only for qualified operators)

We can also arrange all types of specialty event yacht rental charters for groups from 15 people up to 500 guests for weddings or birthday parties or new product launches and other business promotional purposes.

All-Inclusive fully crewed luxury yacht charters are available for groups of 2 to 12 and prices as low as $6,000 USD for the week to $200,000 USD and up.

Captain only charters are available from $5,000 USD per week and up, depending on the size and type of vessel.

Bareboat charters are available from as little as a few thousand per week for a quality sailing monohull upwards of $15,000 USD for a large fully equipped charter catamaran or bareboat power boat of up to 58′ in size.

Fully crewed and captain only charters can also be reserved for as little as four hours and for as long as several weeks or even months. Bareboat charters in most parts of the world will require a minimum number of days, most common is a 3-day minimum.

If you are taking your family you might want a luxury yacht rental with lots of water toys, snorkeling and scuba gear.

Perhaps deep sea fishing or bonefishing are your preferred activity, or golf, tennis or a few rounds at the tables in a casino are your game.

Maybe an on board movie theater or a jacuzzi on deck are features you will appreciate.

Perhaps you want an on board gym, the services of a masseuse or even a helipad should you need to arrive or depart in a remote location on a moments notice.

The options a luxury private yacht vacation rental provides are endless and could be overwhelming, but with the expertise of MGM Yachts we can present you with the finest yachts with the accommodations and amenities that are important to you so you can have your luxury private yacht rental reserved in no time.

Whether it is your first time booking a private yacht charter vacation rental, or you’re a charter yacht connoisseur, we at MGM Yachts will match you with the right yachts and the perfect crews providing you with an exceptional yacht rental vacation experience.

If you already know your destination and have a particular charter yacht in mind (you may also locate crewed charter yachts with our online Yacht Search tool), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check the availability for your dates. If the yacht is available on the dates you specified MGM Yachts will take it from there to represent you.

You may already know that renting a private yacht charter is not like booking a hotel room at a luxury resort. Many of the yachts available are privately owned and are managed by clearing houses all over the world.

MGM Yachts is your independent yacht charter agent with more than 25 years experience in arranging exceptional private yacht charter experiences worldwide. We have local industry contacts at many charter destinations and are qualified to book thousands of yachts available with every yacht charter fleet worldwide.

5.1 Reserve Your Yacht Fast and Early

Many of these luxury yachts are in high demand, often reserved a year or more in advance, so it’s important to plan early to secure the best luxury yachts with all the amenities you require in the cruising area of your choice.

5.2 Benefits Of Using An Experienced Yacht Charter Agent

To rent your yacht charter you’ll need an experienced private yacht charter agent, who will represent your interests between the yacht owner or manager, captain and crew or with the bareboat operator. It can save you lots of money and unnecessary headaches to use a yacht charter agent who is well versed on the various forms and charter agreements, insurances and travel logistics in and out of the various ports of call. As your personal yacht charter consultant MGM Yachts will make sure all your needs and personal preferences of your entire group are addressed and attended to by the yacht crew or base manager for your personal yacht charter experience.

The yacht rental reservation process is typically as follows: once you have selected a yacht from the options we present to you, we will request a courtesy hold of 24 to 48 hours on your charter dates with the yacht, at which time you will make your travel arrangements to meet the yacht and will send a reservation deposit to MGM Yachts of 25% (a year or more in advance); 50% less than a year in advance; or the full amount if 60 days or less from your charter start date. The appropriate charter agreements will be sent to you along with information about options available to you; such as Trip Cancellation or Curtailment Insurance.

For fully crewed charters we will send you Guest Preference Forms to complete which will enable us to share your personal preferences with the crew. For bareboat charters, a Boating Experience Resume form will be required. Throughout the entire process MGM Yachts will be available to answer all your questions and provide detailed explanations for first-time charterers.


That's it! 6 steps on everything you need to know to start the perfect luxury yacht rental vacation.

Are you ready to start your private yacht charter vacation? You can contact us by sending an Instant Yacht Charter Enquiry or if a good old-fashioned phone conversation is more your style, give us a call. We would love to help you get started with creating an unforgettable yacht charter vacation. Call now: 954.593.6817.