Compare Luxury Cruise Ship vs Luxury Yacht Charter

Compare Luxury Cruise Ship vs Luxury Yacht Charter

May I ask, “Why go on a luxury cruise ship when you could charter a luxury yacht?” You’re obviously looking to experience some degree of luxury, privacy, and personal quality time with family. Wouldn’t you prefer to escape the masses that some say are like herded cattle every place the cruise ships  embark and disembark?

If you are looking for a kid-friendly, private, luxury cruise; perhaps you did not know you can actually charter a private yacht with a highly professional captain and crew to take you to beautiful secret spots where behemoth cruise ships just can’t go – picturesque coves that you and your family will have all to yourselves.

In this luxury yacht experience the chief stewardess and her team are keenly aware of your needs and wishes. Their only aim is to make your vacation dreams come true. Imagine a lively crew gleefully keeping your kids entertained with the many water-toys, games and amenities on board.

All this as you’re watching them play, laughing with them while trying to record all of it on your mobile phone. What the heck – you might even jump in and join the fun! Go ahead don’t worry, the crew is probably recording everything on a GoPro anyway, for you to watch later and take back home.

Moments you’ll long to recreate or even out-do the next time.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you – your personal executive chef is preparing breakfast, lunch, hors d’oeuvres and dinner for you. Whatever you have a taste for he or she stands ready. All the meals are according to your preferences and special dietary needs, if you have any. The bar is also fully stocked with your favorites and the crew will prepare premium cocktails or any special concoctions you so desire.

Compare important differences between a luxury cruise ship and a crewed luxury yacht charter:

Vessel Luxury Cruise Ship
Luxury cruise ship
Luxury Yacht Charter
Luxury Yacht Charter
 Seems Like a Floating Hotel or City Like a 5-Star Floating Villa / Mansion
Privacy You and up to 3,000 other guests You, your immediately family or friends
Freedom Pre-packaged itinerary that is not flexible, must stick with time-schedule or be left behind on shore. Yikes! You own the yacht for the duration of your charter. A personalized itinerary that you and your captain control, completely flexible to suit your preferences at the time.
Service Personal service suffers because of the ratio of crew to passengers. Each one crew has to tend to 2 or more passengers. Crewed luxury yacht charters offer meaningful personal service. They often have more crew than guests that includes a professional stewardess and team highly trained in 5-star service.
Cuisine A luxury cruise ship usually serves meals in a large dining hall at specific times. They offer a pre-determined menu to suit the masses. Pay extra for a private table. As mentioned above, your luxury yacht charter has a personal executive chef. Eat when, what and where you want. Be it at the formal dining table, alfresco on the aft deck, a table set on a private beach, or go ashore to a local restaurant. It’s completely up to you.
Activities A strict set-time to do simple water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving, and often only for an extra fee. Again, the freedom is yours. Many yachts are all-inclusive and come with a wide array of water toys for you to use. Some of the newest luxury water toys you may have never seen before.
Safety Luxury cruise ships are definitely safe, they have a great response time should there be an emergency. However be on the lookout there’s approximately 3,000 people on board that you don’t know. A crewed luxury yacht charter is a much safer choice. No strangers, just you and your loved ones. You have a highly trained crew, according to international safety standards, who also maintain the yacht 24/7 and are vetted by their management agency.
Costs You get what you pay for. It is what it is. A custom experience for you and your family to create precious memories…Priceless!

As you can obviously see, a luxury yacht charter beats a luxury cruise ship hands down. How do you put a price tag on creating your own special memories in beautiful places you can only reach by private yacht…this sort of time with family is priceless! Have the freedom to choose a customized itinerary, enjoy exceptional service, cuisine tailored to your personal preferences, cruising and exploring when and where you want. Not to mention; loads of water sports and fun with just your own family – not with hundreds of strangers.

We are experts at arranging luxury yacht charters. We have at our fingertips the finest selection of private yachts for charter: literally worldwide. Wherever you want to go, we can make it happen! Talk to a friendly yacht charter broker: call 1-954-593-6817 or send an Instant Yacht Charter Inquiry.

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