Luxury Yacht Charters: How to Create An Unforgettable Vacation

Luxury Yacht Charters: How to Create An Unforgettable Vacation

Just how important is a great chef and professional crew to your luxury yacht charter vacation? Well, It makes a big difference for creating those unforgettable memories you are looking for.

Many who are thinking of vacationing on private luxury yacht charters naturally always first look for the perfect luxury yacht. One that perhaps has all the amenities and comfort, and also has a unique style. Others focus more on the destination for their vacation. But a Triton survey says what can really make or break luxury yacht charters is the crew and the chef. Here’s the report:

We know that most of the captains who typically take our surveys are on mid-size yachts that are strictly private. So we crafted our questions to ask Great chefs on luxury yacht chartersabout chartering in general. We started by getting a sense of our audience, so we asked Have you ever worked on a luxury yacht charter?

Most have, with 94 percent saying “yes” outright and 2 percent more saying “sort of” since the owner would often send guests to enjoy the vessel. Just 3 percent of our 87 respondents have not worked on a luxury charter yacht.

The big question we wanted to know was if captains and crew bought into the industry belief that the chef makes (or breaks) the charter, so we asked Who has the most impact on the success of a luxury yacht charter?

The industry belief reigns. The largest group of respondents — 36 percent — said the chef, but many couched it with a broader perspective.

“Well, at the risk of sounding too important, in most cases chefs and stews take the show,” said the chef of a yacht 140-160 feet in yachting more than 10 years. “Regardless of weather, itinerary, guests’ mood, occasion, or anything, the guests have to eat and be served. Most of the time, their day is planned around those three or four meal events.”

“I would agree,” said the captain of a yacht 120-140 feet in yachting more than 15 years. “Food is so important, and, if the weather was bad, they will still remember the food. If the weather was great, they will still remember the food. It is one of the few constants in the luxury yacht charter world and something that can be controlled. I still think that, overall, it takes a complete effort to do a job that a charter yacht should, but if there was one person, it would be the chef.”

“The collaborative efforts of the entire crew is essential to a productive charter,” said the captain of a luxury yacht less than 80 feet in yachting more than 10 years. “That being said, I know of charters that have been held together by chefs.”

“A well-fed charter is a happy charter,” said the captain of a luxury charter yacht less than 80 feet in yachting more than 30 years. “Second would be a toss up between the skipper and the mate, whoever brings them snorkeling, diving or just beach combing.”

The next two choices were tied, with 28 percent saying it is the captain, and 28 percent writing in the “other” option of the entire crew, which we didn’t offer as a choice.

[The full report is here]

The Right Chef and Crew

At MGM Yachts we not only focus on presenting you with the finest luxury yacht charters, we also work very hard to match you with the right crew based on your likes, dislikes, and unique preferences. Your dietary desires and needs also very important to us. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free or prefer the alkaline diet, diabetes diet, paleo diet or a carnivore diet, we will find the perfect luxury yacht charters for you with the right crew.

Let us help you create an unforgettable experience aboard a mega yacht charter, sailing yacht charter, catamaran or a sport yacht charter of nearly any make and size.

Contact us now by sending an instant charter inquiry or if a good old-fashioned phone conversation is more your style, give us a call. We are passionate about yacht charter vacations and love to help you get started. Call: 954.593.6817

Last updated: February 13, 2019 at 11:06 am
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